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Geronimo - Wicked Australia Lip Dub

Here’s our new Lip Dub! #wicked #wickedinoz #sheppard #geronimo #wickedmelbourne #melbournetheatre #ryansheppard #lucydurack #jemmarix #stevedanielson #johnohara #emilycascarino

This cast is EPIC & this is brilliant!!!

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G-Gina Beck-Glinda-current 1NT, London 2011-2013

We know thats a picture of Louise Dearman though right??

Rachel Tucker in The Last Ship (x)

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The Last Ship | Chicago

Holy…. look at her go!

Not my video - OMG Louise Dearman doing Let It Go is just Fierce! This woman can do anything.

Louise Dearman giving her own gorgeous performance of “I’m Here” from The Colour Purple

Louise Dearman, Willemijn Verkaik, Zoe Birkett & Sandra Marvin doing a gorgeous arrangement by Willemijn of John Legend’s “All Of Me” at Wow Here Come The Girls.


Got my j’s on


Louise Dearman for Elsa for the Westend please


Finally got my photoshop Mojo back, Yay!!!
So Water Babies is absolutely beautiful. If you haven’t heard about it, you best do your research & book your tickets NOW!!!!
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My Wicked fan arts
Finally done with the first act! ^^

The stuff is absolutely incredible!!!!! Now I basically want the movie (that’s never gonna happen) to be by this artist!! Seriously amazing work!! Wow


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Holy Crap The Cute!!!! Woah!

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Book & spread the word for what is sure to be one hell of a night!!!!

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